Kumihimo was an ancient traditional Japanese art in which particular ropes were braided to decorate Kimonos and Samurai armors. There are many different ways of braiding and each pattern produces a different kind of braid. Today, to help ourselves in the process of braiding we can use Kumihimo disks, very useful tools that will allow you to complete all the braids. You can use a round disk to make a tubular braid, or a square disk to make a flat braid. You can make wonderful combinations of colors! These amazing multi colored braids can be used to make necklaces, bracelets or even bag handles! There are many ways of using this ancient art in a modern way. For example, you can use braids made of different materials and diameters to create an asymmetric jewel, and if you’re looking for something even more unique… try making a Kumihimo braid using seed beads!