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To make sure that you receive your order within a short period of time we entrust our shipments only to express couriers (DPD, DHL or FedEx, depending on the country) which ensure the traceability of the shipment.

CLICK HERE to know delivery times for your country:

In addition, we decided to offer you a very special deal:
Free shipping on orders over 60 €*

Discounted shipping (6 €) on orders up to 60 €**Shipping price for Country in Group A

For other countries and shipping cost details see the Shipping Cost table.

Group Country Up to € 60 Over € 60
 A  Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Lituania, Croazia, Lettonia, Estonia € 6 Free

Group Country Up to € 60 Over € 60 Over € 120
B Cyprus, Irland, *Andorra, *Iceland, *Liechtenstein, *Norway, *Switzerland, *United Kingdom € 12 € 6 € Free

  • Non-EU countries are subject to customs.
    Customs duty is a charge applied to shipments by the receiving country or region's customs authority for shipments.
    Orders by Non-EU countries are exempt by Italian VAT tax.
  • In the case of disadvantaged or remote areas, or particularly bulky or heavy package, a supplement may be required to the shipping cost indicated in the table.

Delivery Times

Austria DPD 2
Belgium DPD 3/4
Bulgaria DPD 3/4
Croazia DPD 2/3
Denmark DPD 4/5
Estonia DPD 4/5
Finland DPD 4/5
France DPD 2/3
Germany DPD 2
Greece DPD 4/5
Lettonia DPD 4/5
Lituania DPD 4/5
Luxembourg DPD 3/4
Netherlands DPD 3
Poland DPD 3/4
Portugal DPD 3/4
Czech Republic DPD 3/4
Romania DPD 3/4
Slovakia DPD 3/4
Slovenia DPD 2/3
Spain DPD 3
Sweden DPD 4/5
Hungary DPD 3

(less than 1kg)
(more than 1kg)
Andorra FEDEX 1/2 4
Cyprus DHL 1/2 4/5
Irland DHL 1/2 4/5
Iceland FEDEX 1/2 5/6
Liechtenstein FEDEX 1/2 4
Norway FEDEX 1/2 4/5
United Kingdom FEDEX 1/2 4/5
Switzerland FEDEX 1/2 4/5

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