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Thanks to the bright colors and the presence of an infinite number of small crystals on the surface of the bead, the Pavè will give a considerable light to your creations. The Pavé Beads are mainly used in the creation of Shamballa bracelets, but the wide availability of shapes and sizes leaves room for imagination: in fact, in addition to different sizes of round beads (from 6mm to 12mm) in our catalog you will find briolettes with different silhouettes, large-hole tubes and washers and half-hole beads, ideal for creating precious button-down earrings or for "turning" the bead into a delicate pendant. The distinction in three different collections wants to differentiate and emphasize the different characteristics of the crystals applied on the Pavè: from the Classic in which you can count about 60 good quality crystals on a 10mm round at the Top where the number of crystals can reach 400 and these are the well-known Preciosa crystals !!! The Premium collection, the first entry into our catalog represents a good mediation: the crystals are however of excellent quality (Middle East) but of a larger size than those applied on the Top, consequently a 10mm round will have less light points on the surface (up to 90) !!

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