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The Cabochons cannot be considered real beads, in fact they are without a hole! Historically the cabochons are gems (generally opaque) cut with a smooth shape with the convex top and flat base, today it is possible to find cabochons in any material, even faceted. This type of component must obviously be set in order to be inserted inside a creation! To embed you can choose different solutions, based on the taste and the result you would like to get! With just a few moments you can assemble pendants, rings and earrings with the appropriate settings, but you can also enjoy creating a completely unique and personalized setting with the Wire technique. If you want to try your hand at something creative but more "elegant" you can follow the various technical videos in which we illustrate how to set the different shapes with Miyuki and Toho beads! In this category you will find cabochons in hard stone, mother-of-pearl, glass, resin and also beautiful cameos in mother-of-pearl or resin; Cabochons are available in many different shapes and sizes! In the Special Cut category you will find many faceted cabochons (also with a convex base !!) in stone or glass that "imitate" the faceted cut that is usually made on precious stones and crystals, on the HobbyPerline website there are obviously the most precious crystal cabochons ", find them in the category Swarovski Components!


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