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For your textile jewelery creations we have selected a wide range of truly original yarns and trimmings !! They are all high quality products 100% Made in Italy. Simple and elegant, the yarns are ideal for textile jewelery creations or weaving techniques: macramé, kumihimo; They can be used alone or assembled with other components: beads, crystals, pearls and so on. You can also embellish and refine your creations with our trimmings.
The trimmings can in turn be used as a base for the creation of necklaces and bracelets.
In short, with all these types and the large amount of colors available, all you have to do is choose according to your taste and start weaving !!!!! If you still need some advice or want to learn the basic techniques watch our video by clicking here !! And remember that in our videotutorial page you can find specific videos for the other weaving techniques !!!!

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