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The unmistakable style of the Vintaj components is the result of the passionate work of three women, three designers and jewelry designers who, starting from their art, have put on a line of unique products !! The uniqueness and versatility of the proposed subjects but above all the particular finishes proposed have brought international fame to the Vintaj components !! HobbyPerline offers their most fanciful and peculiar finish: Natural Brass, burnished natural brass through an eco-friendly manual process. Being composed of various steps, this manufacturing process requires meticulous care and a lot of time and ensures that each component takes on its own shade of color. A very high quality product that lends itself to different uses and styles! Elegant with Swarovski, natures with glass or ceramic beads, bizarre and extravagant with the Mixed Media technique. The line consists of the essential small parts, links, pendants and charms from the evocative subjects, the unique and extremely versatile watermarks and the magnificent Patinas: water-based colors specific for coloring metals !!

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