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With such a wide choice of different types of soutache plates we feel the need to make a bit of clarity! The measurement of the width indicated in the description of each item is always to be considered approximate (in the sense that different colors of the same type of soutache could correspond to differences in thickness of thousandths of mm !!!) and gives us only indication visible difference between the 3 different types. This difference in no way precludes the use of the various types combined together! Certainly if we are creators in the grass, if we are at the beginning with this technique, it is advisable to use small plates of the same type and it is preferable to choose the Made in Italy plates that, without a doubt, thanks to the greater thickness and the rigid consistency remain easier to work with ! If you have acquired a total mastery of the technique, you will be able to successfully couple even strips of different thicknesses! The peculiar rigidity of Made in Italy straps make them highly appreciated even by the most imaginative creatives: with these little plates, in fact, the creation of curls and empty shapes is simpler and more stable !!! Soutache Made in USA straps are the smallest (least thick), they are less rigid than Made in Italy. There are many shades of color available, all incredibly fascinating! The plates have different composition depending on the color: they are mainly in Polyester with satin and cotton fibers and, in Metallic colors, laminated threads! The Soutache classic straps (Soutache cord) are the first that we introduced in the catalog, now 4 years ago, and represent the original trimmings called "Russian braid". As such it is much softer than the types already described, so it probably requires a little more familiarity and dexterity: in these cords the direction of the strap is more evident (front / back).

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