Info Gift Cards

DID YOU PURCHASE A GIFT CARD? Login to your MYHOBBYPERLINE profile and then click on the GIFT CARDS section on the left to deliver the present! You can forward an email to the birthday girl with the gift code simply by entering her email address in the “addressee email address” box. Otherwise, you can to download a PDF that you can print and hand directly to her! DID SOMEONE GET YOU A GIFT CARD AS A PRESENT? If you still haven’t done so, sign up to our website and then login to your MYHOBBYPERLINE profile. Click on the GIFT CARDS section on the left and enter the gift code you see on the virtual gift card you received via email, then click on LOAD. Your new credit will be shown in theUSER CREDIT section! Just scroll through our wide selection of products and choose the ones you like the best! Your credit will be deducted from the total amount of your cart. You don’t need to use the whole credit in one transaction.