On our website you can choose between:
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Credit card (PayPal transfer)
  • Bank transfer
If you need more information on each of the above methods please visit our section on payments.
All payment methods apart from bank transfers allow the order to be processed and shipped within 24 hours from its placement. If you pay by bank transfer the order will be shipped only after we receive confirmation that the payment has been successfully carried out, so our advice is to choose a different payment method if you’re in a hurry to receive your order.
If you placed an order by email or phone you can choose to pay by bank transfer or PayPal payment request. If you don’t place an order through our website you won’t be able to pay by credit card through the platform of Banca Sella.
It allows us to send you a payment request. You’ll only need to click on the link or on the button you’ll find in the link to proceed with the payment. PayPal allows you to send money to whomever owns an email address, and it is free if you subscribe to PayPal.
We wanted to make sure that all your transactions are as safe as possible when you buy on so we decided to rely on the “Banca Sella” platform for all credit card payments. The most important thing is that your credit card data will only be shared with the bank, not HobbyPerline. We’ll be notified once the payment has been carried out. In addition Banca Sella uses the SSL3 cryptographic protocol with Triple DES algorithm at 128 bits for online transactions and all your data are encrypted. Rest assured that your credit card data won’t be shared with other websites or databases.
If you’re paying by bank transfer you’ll find our bank details in the email you received when you placed the order. Our bank details are:

IBAN: IT70Q0326822300052891147630
Banca Sella