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To login you need the Username and Password that you received by email when you signed up on our website.
This section contains information about your profile, your personal data, your order history and much more. All the orders you’ve placed on our website and their receipts or invoices are also available in this section.
You can change all your personal information on your profile. Just login to your profile and then click on the “Personal Data” section on the left. There, you’ll be able to change your email address.
Yes, just login to your “MyHobbiperline” page, then click on “change password” and replace the password you were given with one of your choosing.
First you’ll need to click on Login, at the top right corner of the home page. Then you’ll see “Retrieve password ” at the bottom left corner of the page. Type in the email address you used to sign up to our website and we’ll send you an email with your new Username and Password.
You’ll need to type the exact same letters you chose when you signed up, with letter case and spaces being the same as the originals.
Yes, just press on the red “x” that you see left of the product while revising your order in the cart.
Yes, you can change it in the “quantity” section as you revise your order in the cart, then press enter and the cart will update itself.
If your order has been successfully placed you’ll receive an email that confirms the order and recaps the products you bought.
Please contact us via email or by phone and we’ll check if our system has memorized your order. If so, we can retrieve it and you’ll be able to go on and place it.
Try logging into your “MyHobbyPerline” section and then look under Pending Orders. You should be able to find it there. Click on the “pay now” box and you’ll be redirected to the payment form, where you’ll be able to fill in/out all the requested data and finalize the payment. If you can’t find your pending order please contact us via email or phone and we’ll check if it’s still in our system. If so, we can retrieve it and you’ll be able to proceed with the payment.
It means that you have already signed up on our website. If you can’t remember your Username and Password you can to retrieve them via email.
It means that you haven’t signed up on our website using the email address you are using to pay. You can click on “I haven’t subscribed yet ” and sign up, then you’ll be able to complete your order.
Unfortunately, that’s not possible. In order to place an order you will be asked for a Username and a Password, which are only given to you if you subscribe.